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The power of silence

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Silence is a language How much time during a day do you sit in silence? And so much happens... Thoughts rush through our minds, questions randomly pop up, urges to itch the side of your elbow or the back of your neck, sensing the air on your skin, taken by the light show behind your eyelids, wondering what the brushing sound in the distance actually is, smelling the dryness in the air, daydreaming and so much more... Now imagine sitting in silence WITH someone else, FACING someone else. Regardless whether your eyes are closed or open, chances are something will be felt. A story is imagined. Impressions are made. As if scenarios start to emerge hopping from one tale to the next, like jumping stones. Wait for them, don't go looking for them or intentionally trying to find them. Trust that this silent language will speak to you through your felt senses, and you will understand. As you sit silently with yourself, notice what happens. Watch the ripple effects of the story you are telling yourself and that you are embodying. Now notice how it imprints the person sitting in front of you. Watch yourself receive their reaction, study that imprint. Absorb it. Appreciate it. Still now, not a word has been uttered. This is the silent conversation that, in itself, defines a language. Giving yourself moments of silence is an opportunity to slow down and shift into receiving and observing. The ripple effects of being in this state of observation and receptivity promotes your overall wellbeing. It is then when your cells are regenerating in this manner of being that the quality of your sleep allows for an optimal energetic recharge and your metabolism is making sure your system has enough fuel to maintain the harmony. This creates a harmonious filter for the way you perceive the outside world, an opportunity to open up to possibility. Do you feel called to trying that out?

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